Served and Seated


Talia Saxe
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2009

Last year, my father started a soup kitchen in my home neighborhood of Dilworth in Charlotte, NC. We are a close family, and though I am having a great time at Duke, it can sometimes be hard to miss transitions in my parents’ lives. Especially when the transition is a project as special as a soup kitchen.

This project gave me the opportunity to really get to know what the soup kitchen is about, who the volunteers are, who the guests are, and what my father’s vision is. The time I spent at the soup kitchen was wonderful. The stories that can be found there are as rich as the food served, and it was a wonderful gift to be able to spend time there hanging out with my camera, taking pictures, talking to the guests, and occasionally pitching in with the preparations.

In this project, I wanted to show the tenets of the philosophy on which the soup kitchen runs. The philosophy reflects the “shared vision” that I talk about my father and Pastor Jolin having. They truly believe that all people ought to be treated as dignified beings. If there is anything that I want people to gain from the images in this project, it is that sense of dignity.