The Taco Truck


Rachel Mossey
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2009

Several taco trucks have sprouted on street corners in Carrboro, and the only way to identify them is just to explain where they park. I was inspired to photograph taco trucks because the people that work on them are hidden in plain view. What was their story?

Another aspect that I found interesting was the people that came to the truck. It is a meeting place of cultures where Maria puts her Mexican traditions up for sale to general American society.

I picked the closest truck to my house and asked if I could take pictures. I regularly dropped in over the course of the semester, sometimes to take pictures, other times to say hi. They would sing the song Pero Raquel by Leo Dan for me when I appeared. We had some interesting conversations. We’d joke about how much I dislike tripe, and how that’s Maria’s favorite food. They thought that I was strange to only want two children when I am older. I want to say a big thank you to Natalia Maria Garcia, Roberto Garcia, Roberto Garcia Jr, and Saul Sandate for letting me into their lives.