Justin Fromm
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2009

For this project, I wanted to show the life of a Duke student, but not just any Duke student.  I wanted to focus on my friend, Spencer Stein, who is not only premed, but also majors in chemistry, a very demanding subject.  So, my aim was to show how he fulfills his class requirements, completes all of his work, while also finding time to volunteer with a Best Buddies program, and hang out with friends in a stress-free environment. 

Overall, the shooting went well.  I took around 350 pictures over the course of about a month in different environments including the classroom, the lab, the library, Spencer’s apartment, Spencer’s car, the Best Buddy’s apartment, and a bar.  Spencer made it very easy for me to photograph as he was excited to be the subject of a documentary.  Even still, I learned that capturing moments is not always as easy as it seems, since everything happens quickly in real life.  I enjoyed working on this project and hope that everybody likes the end result!