Carmen Hernandez
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2009

I choose to do my project on the bus because I found it to be visually exciting. Even though the bus is continuous and routine not every ride is the same. There are always different people riding the bus all with different destinations. I grew up in Los Angeles and I got around using the metro. When I came here I was surprise to learn that not everyone shared my experience of riding the bus. Some hadn’t ridden the bus because they didn’t have a transit system in their hometowns or they didn’t see a need to.
Duke is full of a variety of people from different parts of the world and with different cultures. I wanted to capture the diversity of people in the bus. I also wanted to show moments that people had while riding the bus, both in solidarity and with others.  I isolated people but also showed them in the context of the crowd. I shot both candid and portraits shots of people. I plan to continue this project until the end of my sophomore year.