Tobacco Durham


Rose Mathies
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2008

I wanted to capture the transformation of the old tobacco warehouses from the purpose they once served to what they function as today. Durham is famous for its success with the tobacco product, and the traces this industry left behind still linger in the social atmosphere of the city. These buildings can be found all over Durham, but now they provide great living spaces for Durham residents as well as places to hang out. The restaurants, shops, and office spaces that make up the Tobacco District as well as Brightleaf Square provide a great space for people to relax. The West Village and newly renovated Tobacco District Apartments take the character of these old buildings and create homes with an artsy feel that attracts many. Although these buildings provided the success of the tobacco empire of long ago, they continue to serve the residents of Durham. These warehouses have always fascinated me, and I hoped with my project to draw attention to these great structures.