Work Hard Play Hard


Katie Wear
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2008

I had a blast making this project! I decided to do the “work hard play hard” theme at the last minute; therefore, I only had a couple weeks to take the pictures and put my project together. I ended up taking about 1200 pictures of a group of girls at Duke University. It was fun for me because I was able to take pictures of my friends while doing activities I enjoy. Before I decided to do this project, I was going to do a project on a local nonprofit, but I was restricted to the amount of times I could take pictures. I also had a more difficult time getting comfortable enough to take good photographs of the men in this organization, so I changed my project. I think switching topics was a great decision. I ended up using 73 pictures for my final project. This class has provided me with the opportunity to learn how to take effective photographs and capture interactions between people. I learned the power photographs can have for telling a story. I am hoping to use the skills I developed this semester in the future.