Changing Nature


Jason Hogan
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2008

My project is on the continual change of the natural world. I did this by capturing scenes from different seasons and all times of the day. In total I shot over 1,200 images. I took photos over three weekend trips to Charlottesville VA, one trip to Oconomowoc WI, and went out plenty of times to the Duke Gardens throughout the semester. I feel that my project went well, and I had a ton of fun hiking around and taking photos. Being outside taking photos is what I love to do, and this project was just that. I was able to take a lot of different kinds of photos. Macro shots are some of my favorite, and I feel that they fit well into this project. I was also able to try new techniques, like super long exposures at night in order to get the star trail effects. I learned a lot about how the time of day, quality of light, and your positioning have to be taken into consideration when trying to get the right image.

I hope that my project showed the beauty of each season, though I have to say that I have a positive bias for the autumn. It is the colors, I love vibrant colors, and I had a blast shooting the pictures o ducks. The sun was on its way down, and the trees were lit up, including their reflections. The experience was incredible. The ducks looked like they were swimming in paint.