More than Farmers


Gretchen Kroeger
Digital Documentary Photography
Fall 2008

I started this project for two reasons: (1) interest in farming, (2) Allan and Christine Green. As I began to learn more about the Green’s, their faith, family, and farm, I realized theirs was a story to be told. I wasn’t sure how the story would manifest itself—but I knew I wanted to tell it.

It was a challenging project for me. Their life is so full and busy that it was difficult to represent an their lives in a few minutes with a limited number of pictures. Though a challenge that my have produced a somewhat incomplete result (only meaning that I wish there was more I could show), I really enjoyed this project. I was able to get to know the grandchildren, spend a few weekends on the farm, help with chores, and visit their church.

My hope is that you view this project you will come to know Allan and Chris. That you will see that they are indeed more than farmers—that their faith in God and love for others is a source of inspiration to those whose lives they touch.