Capturing Transience:

Documentary Photography and the Digital Age


Mountain Musical
Stephanie Coleman
artist statement

An Otherwise Perfect Farm
Chase Olivieri
artist statement

The Search
David Popkin
artist statement

Middle School
Kaitlin Rogers
artist statement

Distance Traveled
Cyrita Haines
artist statement


New Infusion
of Life
Corey Butler
artist statement

House of Stones, Home of Bricks
Victoria Fleischer
artist statement

One Bird, Two Bird, Red Bird... Blue Bird!
Cat Crumpler
artist statement

Zoos to Museums

Richard Bouchard
artist statement


Compassion Ministries
Ade Sawyer
artist statement


Jam Nights
Alissa Link
artist statement



Let's Go Higher!
Rick Bagel
artist statement

Davenport Enterprises Kate Gonsiewski
artist statement
Peace of Mind
Nanjie Caibuk
artist statement
Faces of Durham
Tyler Watson
artist statement

In this Digital Documentary Photography class, each student produced an audio visual slide show for the web. Their goal was to explore digital photography, particularly the transient nature of both photography and life during the digital age. Students also explored issues that confront photographers duirng this time of change. Here are their projects. Hope you enjoy them!

Susie Post-Rust
Center for Documentary Studies
Duke University. Fall 2007


Best of Class
These are favorite images from all student work throughout the semester.