Peace of Mind


Nanjie Caibuk
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2007

I picked this project because it presents a social significance that addresses something I care about deeply. My original plan was to focus on the Tibetan
families in Raleigh and to show their livelihood in this western context, but some incidents in the process impeded that project coming into being. This project, Peace of Mind, represents the religious culture that I am part of and I care about. I am moved
by the popularity Geshe La has been building up using the Kadampa Center as a stage. I feel it is crucial to introduce Tibet's cultural values because it can contribute an alternative perspecitve to our world life; and at same time, those values would be
sustained, more or less. I chose the title Peace of Mind because it is one of the core values of Tibetan Buddhism which hopes to practice compassion from inside, meaning as long as we practice to develop a positive attitude, peace (both internal and external) can be achieved.

I thanks especially Geshe Gelak La for introducing me the center and Alex Semilof for providing transportation.