One Bird, Two Bird
Red Bird, Blue Bird


Cat Crumpler
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2007

"One Bird, Two Bird, Red Bird... Blue Bird? A look at Falconry" Was an amazing project to work on. I've always been interested in Falconry as a sport and birds of prey in general, but have never had a chance to explore it/them. When presented with the opportunity to learn about it, I was ecstatic and it worked out beautifully.

Total, I shot at four different times for a cumulative 670 photos. Two of the
shoots were with Mr. Richard S, one with Mr. James N, and one at the Carolina
Raptor Center. Each time I was with the respective subjects for anywhere
between four and seven hours plus drive time. The project was great because it
encouraged me to be outdoors where I love to be, when I otherwise wouldn't have made time.

With the falconers, I learned not only about the sport and the birds, but also
the people who do it. Characters like Mr. James C and Mr. Billy were constant
entertainment during the hunts. Dealing with these people photographically
expanded my abilities as a photographer. Photographing people has never been my strong suit, I prefer nature and landscapes. However, I feel it is important to
know how to photograph people to be a well rounded photographer, and this
project was a fantastic bridge between photographing the natural world and