Jam Nights


Alissa Link
Digital Documentary Photography
December 2007

I absolutely loved doing this final project. Music and photography are my two favorite hobbies, and what better a way to combine them! Each time going to the Blue Bayou was a different experience. The first time I went with my friend Rebecca, and we instantly knew this was a special place, from the ambiance, to the quality of the music, to the charisma and energy of the performers themselves. I have seen hundreds of live music performances, but I really enjoyed the experience being there as a photographer. When I first arrived, I introduced myself to the soundboard operator and he was instantly excited by the prospect of me taking digital photographs, and asked me to email him some pictures for their website. Each time I came back he would always come over and say hi and tell me to send him more pictures. Also, I was often approached by the musicians, asking if I would take pictures of them and send them via email, so their friends and families could see their performances. The next time I came, I brought even more friends, and everyone loved the atmosphere and music. I was always impressed each time someone new got up on stage to play, and had a lot of fun capturing the spirit and energy of the venue.

I went to the Blue Bayou on three occasions, on two blues jam nights and one open mic night. The events were on Tuesday and alternated every other week, so I only had a few dates to choose from, but I think that I was able to get everything I wanted during these three events. I shot around 250 images for the final assignment, although it was actually more than this because due to my small memory card, I was constantly editing and deleting images mid-shooting. I had a lot of fun putting this project together, and only wish I had had better audio recording equipment to do these talented musicians better justice! I also liked seeing the results by printing my favorite pictures in a large format. It is nice to have a solid, impressive product. Overall, I enjoyed working on a long-term final project and thought the audio- visual slideshow and prints were a great way to wrap up the course.