Compassion Ministries


Ade Sawyer, T '10
Historian, Black Student Alliance

Digital Documentary Photography
December 2007

This project came together really organically because it was something that I
came across as I was searching for a different story. I felt like the most
important aspect of the project was to capture the place and the feeling of the
situation. The irony of the place is that while the location is unique, the
setting itself is unremarkable. Essentially Compassion Ministries exists in a
gray room; therefore I felt that the place was better captured by documenting
the path to get to it. Aside from that, my focus, naturally, was on the people
involved. The congregation and the pastor of Compassion are the ones who
transform their leased space from a simple room to a place of worship, and I
tried to capture that through the pictures and sound. One may wonder why, in a
neighborhood where traditional churches are plentiful, members of Compassion
choose to come here instead. Pastor Kinney admits to me that the work of this
church is not easy, but I believe that the spirit of love that pervades the
church environment here makes the sacrifice worthwhile.